Frederick Water is a Virginia corporation created under the Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act on August 1, 1967, for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, operating, and maintaining

  • an integrated water supply and distribution system in Frederick County and
  • an integrated sewer system for Frederick County. Frederick Water is a public body, politic and corporate, deemed to be an instrumentality exercising public and essential governmental functions to provide for health and welfare.

Frederick Water is empowered to:

  1. acquire, construct, operate, and maintain water supply and distribution systems, and sewer collection systems;
  2. finance its projects through the issuance of revenue bonds without obtaining referendum approval; and
  3. fix and prescribe rates, fees, and charges for services rendered. Although Frederick Water was established by the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, the county exercises no oversight responsibility and has no accountability for Frederick Water’s fiscal matters.

In the News

Frederick Water celebrated Earth Day Saturday with the Independent School of Winchester. Thanks to all who showed up!

Mission Statement

“To provide affordable and reliable water and wastewater service to our customers while protecting public health and the environment.”


To maintain public trust and confidence through quality and excellence of service


Frederick Water employees have the following values to guide our work and operation: customer confidence through excellence of service, professionalism and integrity, continuous improvement, needs of the community, protection of public health and the environment, safety, and effective and efficient operation.


You can download our W-9 here.