This Web page has been prepared to acquaint you with the policies and procedures of the Frederick Water’s Procurement Department. This Web page is intended as a resource on how to do business with Frederick Water. It does not replace or supersede the terms and conditions set forth in any specific solicitation. Prospective bidders must read and follow the instructions, specifications, terms, and conditions set forth in each individual solicitation.


The Procurement Department is responsible for the acquisition, distribution, and disposal of all goods, services, equipment, and construction for Frederick Water. We strive to ensure that all goods and services that are required by our various departments are of appropriate quality and are acquired in a timely and cost effective manner at the least expense to Frederick Water.


Prospective contractors who are legally eligible to do business with the Commonwealth of Virginia or other public entities within the commonwealth are encouraged to seek business opportunities with Frederick Water. Individuals and/or businesses who are legally barred from doing business with the federal government or any state or local government or any other public entity will normally not be allowed to enter into a contract to provide goods and/or services to Frederick Water. Any individual or business entity that has been or is currently barred from doing business with any public entity must include in its bid or offer all relevant details related to its debarment.


All vendors interested in doing business with Frederick Water should register with eVA, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s electronic procurement portal, At this time, registration with eVA is not a condition of being a Frederick Water vendor; however, it will be a requirement in the future. Vendors can search for current solicitations in eVA without being registered.
Registration on the eVA website is step one in doing business with Frederick Water and over  746 other local governments and state agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
For help or more information on eVA, click here, or contact BuySense (eVA support line) at 1-866-289-7367, TTY 711.
Frederick Water uses eVA to:

  • Prepare bidders lists for formal solicitations;
  • Distribute notices of formal solicitations;
  • Publish invitation for bids (IFB) and requests for proposals (RFP).

Register with eVA today and begin receiving notice of business opportunities from government organizations all across the commonwealth. Remember, one registration places your company on the bidders list for over 746 different state and local government organizations. To register, click here.


Payment terms are Net-30 days after receipt of a valid invoice at the Accounts Payable Department. Invoices must include the contract or purchase order number and an itemization of goods provided and/or services rendered. Invoices lacking sufficient detail may be returned or payment delayed until such information is provided. The thirty-day payment deadline will be construed as beginning on the date that required supporting documentation is provided.


Frederick Water is exempt from federal, state and local sales and use taxes (ID # 54-0881187).


  • PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS: Frederick Water is required to comply with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA). The act is available at most public libraries and via the internet:
  • DOING BUSINESS WITH THE AUTHORITY: Prospective contractors are encouraged to introduce themselves to the Procurement Department and/or relevant end users. Open formal solicitations are posted on this web site and in Frederick Water’s administrative office public notice area; a listing of all available solicitations will be available on this website. Notice of large procurements as required will also be published in the Winchester Star. Solicitations may also be posted in the commonwealth’s official web site – eVA ( – and other special publications as needs dictate.
  • GIFTS OR GRATUTIES: Employees are prohibited from soliciting and/or receiving gifts from individuals or companies doing business or seeking to do business with Frederick Water. Employees may accept promotional items with a total retail value of $25 on a one-time basis per promotional activity.


    • The Procurement Department seeks competition wherever and whenever practicable and possible. To facilitate the process of purchasing necessary goods and/or services, the Procurement Department creates blanket purchase orders, standing orders, and basic ordering agreements; establishes sole source contractors; and establishes approved products lists. To the extent possible these are established via rider and/or cooperative procurement clauses from other state and local agencies, or via a competitive solicitation.
    • There are two levels of competitive solicitations: informal and formal.
      1. Informal competition normally consists of soliciting quotations from three or four vendors and obtaining price quotations by whatever means is the most efficient (e.g., fax, oral, telephone, mail, or E-mail).
      2. Formal competition requires the use of a written invitation for bids (IFB) or request for proposals (RFP) solicitations. Formal solicitations require that the IFB/RFP be available for a minimum number of days and be sent to a minimum number of individuals or organizations reasonably expected to be willing and able to submit an offer to sell in response to the IFB or RFP. A formal IFB notice to bidders must be posted in our administrative office public notice area and on our website. Procurement may at its sole option and discretion advertise in a publication such as the Winchester Star. A formal RFP notice to bidders must be posted in our administrative office’s public notice area and advertised in the Winchester Star. Written offers must be submitted before the deadline specified in the solicitation, in a sealed envelope, with the required identifying information on the submission envelope(s). The basis of award must be specified in the solicitation.
  2. PURCHASES UP TO $1,000: Current policy allows authorized individuals to purchase goods or services not to exceed $1,000 via a Frederick Water procurement (charge) card. Employees are prohibited from splitting a requirement to avoid this (or any) procurement limitation.
  3. PURCHASES UP TO $30,000: At the discretion of the Procurement Department, some form of competition is normally required. Competition may be formal or informal.
  4. PURCHASES FROM $30,000 to $50,000: Certain requirements at this dollar range may be procured “informally.” Such requirements require the written informal solicitation of a minimum of four individuals or organizations reasonably expected to provide the goods or services specified in the solicitation.
  5. PURCHASES OVER $50,000: Any requirement with an aggregate value reasonably expected to exceed $50,000 and is not a sole source must be procured via a formal IFB or RFP.
    • A sole-source procurement occurs when there is only one known source from which to purchase goods or services. An example of a sole source is the purchase of proprietary software in which only the owner of the software offers it for sale.
    • A single-source procurement occurs when a unique item or type of service is required but there is more than one source from which to purchase it. An example of a single source is when a specific brand name is required but it can be obtained from more than one source.


Most construction related solicitations include detailed plans and drawings. To offset the administrative cost to provide sets of documents a variable fee is charged. The fee is based on the size of the specification package and the number of drawings involved. Payment must be in the form of a business check, made payable to “Frederick Water.”


  • All deliveries shall be shipped FOB Destination to location specified on the Purchase Order / Contract. Deliveries of goods, other than chemicals and laboratory supplies, are received between the hours of 8:00 A.M., and 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Special delivery instructions may be specified in the description area of a Purchase Order, or as an additional term on a formal contract.
  • All shipping charges must be prepaid by the vendor. COD orders will not be accepted.
  • All shipments must be accompanied by appropriate packing slips containing the Name of the Shipper, the Exact Contents of the shipment, and the Purchase Order Number. Items received without reference to a purchase order number are subject to being returned to the supplier, freight collect. If items are to be shipped from a company or manufacturer other than the one to which the Purchase Order was issued, the packing list must include the name of the awardee and the Purchase Order number as they appear on the Purchase Order. Failure to comply may cause the shipment to be refused or otherwise delayed.
  • All backorders must be properly marked.
  • All Chemicals or products containing Chemicals must be shipped with current Material Safety Data Sheets. Packing slips / delivery tickets must include the appropriate Purchase Order Number and must accompany every delivery.